Climate Change and Paleoclimatology

Being a meteorologist leads to me fielding many questions about climate change and whether there is global warming. This of course draws out questions about past climates. Analyzing temperature trends at weather stations around the world is fraught with difficulties. Receding alpine glaciers in both North America and Europe points to warming at temperate latitudes. However, the debate goes on whether the possible global warming is driven by man-caused greenhouse gases or by other natural varibles such as energy received from the sun or sunspot activity. There is much research being conducted in the field of paleoclimatology and climate change using a younger earth worldview.

Stifling of minority views within the scientific community similar to the “manmade climate change” debate occurs every day. As a meteorologist looking at past weather and climate, I would be cautious making predictions based on subjective analyses of such indicators as ice cores and tree rings. Climate warming has occurred in the past 160 years according to climate records and other indicators such as the melting of glaciers and icecaps. Whether this warming is caused mainly by an increase in carbon dioxide is not conclusive. The medieval warming period, mentioned in an earlier comment, argues against the manmade climate warming “theory”. We know that measurements of atmospheric CO2 since about 1950 show that its quantity has increased 50% or so. There may also be natural causes for climate warming including increases in the energy from the sun for which we don’t have any reliable long term (1000 years) record. Sunspot activity cycles may also be correlated to worldwide temperature cycles. Norwegian scientists have shown a correlation between sunspot activity and low cloud amounts over the oceans. There is definitely a linkage between cloud amounts and temperatures. As far as expecting the UN body to support a review of the emails and documents that point to corruption within the scientific bureaucracy, I would think not. Unwavering support for the theory of evolution within all the sciences has led to minority views being stifled for some time.

The following are some links to websites and articles on the subject of climate change and paleoclimatology. I will update from time to time.

UPDATED(January 11, 2023)

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